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Human Edge engineering offers multiple services to meet the specific needs of a wide variety of clients.

  •  Human factor analysis
  • Human performance assessment methods and tools
  • Cognitive task analysis
  •  Training needs assessment/analysis
  • Behavioral-based safety assessment methods and tools
  • User interface evaluation, usability assessment and evaluation
  • Empirical human performance research
  • Training recommendations, courses, methods, and tools
  • Advance problem solving

OUR Deliverables

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At Human Edge engineering, we simply deliver customer driven results and outcomes.

  • Technical reports, design reports, reports from empirical studies
  • Training and design recommendations
  • Training tools
  • Human performance measures and tools
  • Analysis products (cognitive task, training assessment)
  • Safety programs and products
  • Mock-ups and prototypes
  • User manuals
  • Custom applications (Apps)